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Coming Soon - A boardgame about Bengaluru city and its bird diversity. Players explore interconnection between urbanization and life-histories of birds around them.


We are a team of an ecologist and a game designer collaborating to explore play in nature. We create games and other content that connect players to nature and help them in accessing and understanding various ecological phenomena. Our individual expertise complements each other such that the material we design stays true with the scientific observations while being fun to play with. We are always interested in connecting and collaborating for the outreach of our work. You may contact us at

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Game Designer



Priti is an ecologist. Over the last few years her research has primarily focused on ecological interactions in the natural world. She studied the behaviour of birds in mixed-species bird flocks for her PhD at the Indian Institute of Science. She currently works at the Nature Conservation Foundation as a Program Coordinator and continues to pursue her interest in bird research. She has also worked on creating interactive outreach material to communicate her research to a larger audience. In her free time, she likes to be outdoors - taking a walk, playing a sport or going on a hike and when forced to be locked-indoors she spends her time reading and playing board games.

Prasad is a Multidisciplinary design consultant with 7 years of professional experience in diverse domains including ed-tech, healthcare, social safety, accessibility and sustainability. He is an expert in designing applied games and is interested in exploring the potential of play. He is currently pursuing his PhD at Intelligent Games and Games Intelligence (IGGI) focusing on the utility of story-based games for sense-making of climate action among young adults. As a visiting faculty, Prasad teaches applied game design and design thinking courses for Master’s degree design students in India. Whenever he gets time, he likes to write short stories and essays in Marathi language. 

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Birds in the City: Bengaluru Edition” board game design project has been funded by Bengaluru Sustainability Forum’s Small Grants Programme.



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